Men & Cherry






A perfect blend of a house orientated DJ, a gorgeous singer, sexy sax player and an energetic percussion player that have a drive to captivate any audience. As they inspire each other on stage they inspire their crowd to let themselves go on the dancefloor and get into that everlasting groove. 100% Real House Music, that’s Men&Cherry! 

The band members met during performances in clubs, business events and the famous Hed Kandi events. The chemistry was instant and for the past 10 years they've played together all over Europe on a regular base. 

Men & Cherry is build for the big stage performances but they can easily adjust their show to a more intimate setting. Their power to create an ultimate party atmosphere at any event makes it one of the most captivating live acts at this moment!  But, who are they... 


DJ DeLaMontagne

Starting off as a broadly orientated house DJ, DeLaMontagne has developed a distinct 100% Real House-set over the years. This 'Men & Cherry Groove' is the driving force behind their absorbing live performance. With over a decade of experience combining dance music with live musicians and several residencies at places like Club Las Palmas, Hotel Arena Amsterdam and the Hed Kandi events all over Europe, where he joined DJ's like Roger Sanchez, Eric Morillo and Benny Rodrigues behind the wheels, DeLaMontagne knows exactly how to raise any crowds energy and make them go all out!

Ace on Sax!

A highly schooled musician who wears an everlasting smile. He's the Dutch Hed Kandi resident saxplayer for more than ten years now. His dazzling solos will never interfere with the band's groove, as he combines virtuosity with catchy hooks. “It's always great to step of stage, walk into the crowd and really get them involved! The crowd's energy inspires me to play my best lines and I feel blessed when I'm able to give this energy right back to my audience. Those are the best performances.”


B on Drums

An energetic performer who has the ability to bring a massive amount of extra power to a set. His ongoing drum-rolls will bring you in a state of trance, his energy and stage presence will definitely lift you up. While perfecting his drum technique at the conservatory he developed a unique way of playing over house music. Being a music-producer also provides him the musical ear to blend in perfectly and support DeLaMontagne's groove.

Lee McKing

She's the cherry on the cake, the one who will hold any audience spellbound! A gorgeous, mesmerizing but elegant appearance. But don't be fooled, she will rock a crowd with her ability to switch flawlessly between singing and mc'ing. Lee McKing is known for her big voice, soulful, deep and amazing flexibility and improvisational skills. Developing a love for music at an early age, Lee McKing began her professional career at age 15. She collaborated with internationally known DJ's.



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